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Rabbits fall on Historic City
By Julian Smallweather in Chester

The Meteorology Office failed to predict a shower of large Norwegian Albino Rabbits in Cheshire earlier this month.

Bunnies from Heaven
Artist's Impression

Shoppers in the busy historic City of Chester were taken by surprise when a huge dark cloud formed over the City Centre and the fluffy bunnies began to rain down.

Martin Obermann, who owns a clothes shop on Eastgate Street, told Is This Proof?, "Nothing like this has ever happened before in Chester, we all thought it was some sort of Easter publicity stunt by one of the chocolate manufacturers."

Local weather watcher, Colin Smyth, said, "The forecast for the day was for bright spells and a few scattered showers. We try never to predict this sort of thing as often the slightest change in temperature can mean the difference between rain and snow".

City councillor Mary Oakhampton told Is This Proof, "We have called in the services of the RSPCA and a local paranormal investigator, we need to get to the bottom of this mystery once and for all. Who knows what could fall from the sky next. Children?"

In a statement from the Department of Education, MP and former TV wrestler Miles Todd said, "There is nothing for the public to be alarmed at. We gets reports of this kind almost every day with few fatalities reported. Only last month six and a half inches of heavy machinery fell on York, but the local council there didn't seem to want to make the fuss that Chester is. This is the 1990s after all."

Stop Press...Stop Press...Stop Press...Stop Press...

Reports of a football pitch falling out of the sky over Rhyl in North Wales have now been confirmed by the Home Office. A spokesman told Is This Proof?, "At first it was thought to be a publicity stunt by Adidas, but subsequent investigations show that a deep depression over the Atlantic probably brought the football pitch in from South America.