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Aliens Are Messing With Our Furniture
by Sophie Peters in Swansea

Before After

When Barry Jones went to bed on April 4th little did he realise that his life, and furniture, was about to change. During the night Barry's home in Swansea was visited by aliens who abducted all his furniture and replaced it with exact replicas.
"I wouldn't have noticed anything odd", said Barry, 43, "except that the scatter cushion on my favourite chair was on the wrong side".

Local Alien Furniture Abduction expert John Swipe told Is This Proof?, "Swansea appears to be a bit of a window area for furniture abductions. We're currently investigating a number of cases along what has become known as the 'M4 Corridor'. One woman in Morriston returned home from ASDA to find her fridge had been abducted and replaced with one exactly the same."

Swansea Police confirm that they have had a number of reports of various pieces of furniture being 'removed' and are taking the matter seriously. Chief Inspector Nomad told Is This Proof?, "There's little we can do at the moment. Security marking items doesn't seem to stop the aliens as they just copy the marks onto the replicas. We have asked for assistance from the Home Office, but they are reluctant to get involved".

The majority of cases seem to be around South Wales, although there have been a number of isolated reports in Derbyshire and Cheshire. Neil Downe from the Chester based Alien Forum told Is This Proof?, "I was called to a house near to Manchester Airport. The owner had been away on holiday in France. When he returned he discovered that aliens had completely replaced his furniture and re-decorated the bathroom so that it looked exactly the same."

An insider at Department of Transport told Is This Proof? that the Government were looking into the matter but until more people come forward it's difficult to judge how widespread the problem is.

Stop Press...Stop Press...Stop Press...Stop Press...

Pontypridd and Maesteg furniture abductions are being investigated by a paranormal investigation team from Bristol. In the latest wave of abductions the aliens appear to be concentrating on dining room furniture and patio chairs.