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Mathematical Cover Up Exposed
by Peter Abacus in Manchester

Is This Proof? has obtained documented evidence that the Government along with all the major UK's Universities and Colleges have been keeping an important mathematical secret from the British public.

Beware the Equilaterals!

The documents were passed to an Is This Proof? reporter on the understanding that, despite the consequences, we report the facts as fully as possible.

The evidence is frightening. For the past thirty years the British Government has been hiding the fact that sixty four of the country's leading mathematicians have mysteriously disappeared while drawing equilateral triangles. It's also thought that many more may be unaccounted for because of sloppy administration at some of the smaller colleges.

Our source tells us that the latest case happened just before Christmas last year when top algebra mathematician, Professor Karl Kropper, disappeared while drawing a triangle at Manchester University. His family were told that he was abducted by aliens, but Is This Proof? has obtained the unfinished triangle and a copy of the University's report, submitted to Mark Bishop, the Government official monitoring the equilateral triangle mysteries.

So far the Department of Education has denied the claims, but Is This Proof? has obtained a copy of a memo sent to all educational establishments in the UK warning head teachers that pupils were in danger if they drew an equilateral triangle with sides measuring thirty seven point seven four millimetres.

We must continue to put pressure on the Government to come clean on the equilateral triangle mysteries and we will endeavour to uncover further evidence.

Stop Press...Stop Press...Stop Press...Stop Press...

Unconfirmed reports are reaching us that an entire class of fifth year students from a school in Reading has disappeared while at a Maths Camp in the New Forest.